I & C Tanswell, Discaerator 3000

Dorset contractors Ian and Chris Tanswell have been reaping the benefits of McConnel’s ground-breaking cultivation technology – using a new 2012-spec Discaerator 3000 for fast, effective single-pass seed bed preparation.

The father and son team from Sherborne run Manor Contracting and tend around 400 acres of their own  - and another 20,000 acres for farmers - tackling everything from crop spraying to combining. They cultivate a complete range of crops including wheat, barley, rape and oats and work in all soil conditions.

Ian and Chris have traditionally used separate subsoiler and disc equipment leaving a short period between the two operations for the soil to dry, but when they needed to upgrade their machinery, they decided instead on a Discaerator 3000 and made the move to single-pass cultivation.

Chris was confident the machine would do a good job of sub-soil conditioning after using McConnel Shakaerators in the past, but was surprised at the machine’s ability to perform in all weathers and in any ground.

He said: “The Discaerator has been exceptional and has more than met our expectations.  It has really thrived over the wet ground which was a real surprise because we thought it would only perform well in dry conditions. This has been a real bonus over the summer when the heavy rainfall has been such a challenge.”

“We were also impressed at how well it handles a wide variety of soil types. The ground here can be very mixed, even in a single farm, and you can have everything from fine, crumbly topsoil to wet clay and rocky ground and yet the Discaerator has worked well in every environment.”

The move to single-pass cultivation has delivered a host of benefits – improving the efficiency and productivity.

Ian said: “Sub-soiling and discing in one pass has really saved us time and money and has allowed us to offer more competitive prices to customers – helping them and giving us opportunities to win new business.”

Chris explained the Discaerator has also proven highly effective in creating false seedbeds, where unwanted crops and weeds can be sprayed before the main crop is sown.

Because they often work in rocky ground, durability is a key factor in choosing machinery for Ian and Chris.

They require a damage prevention system that not only protects the legs of the machine, but does not require a time-consuming manual reset in the event of one or more legs breaking back on contact with an obstacle.

That’s where McConnel’s revolutionary new nitrogen-filled gas-strut protection system makes the difference.

Far more advanced than rival shear-bolt and hydraulic systems, gas-strut pressure release allows the legs of the Discaerator to flex in harder ground, breaking back up to 50 degrees if the machine should hit an underground obstacle.

Each leg has its own independent pressure release, protecting the machine if multiple legs break away simultaneously, while a fast-acting auto-reset feature automatically returns the legs to the working position in seconds without any need for operator input.

Chris said “We’re extremely happy with the job it has done – it delivers an exceptional sub-soiling performance and has proved exceptionally durable - even in the rockiest soil.”

For more information on the Discaerator 3000, please go to: http://www.mcconnel.com/arable-machinery/_product/63/discaerator-3000/