Consolidator: 3-gang rollers

An easy-to-use, cost effective roller designed for farmers seeking performance and value for money.

This range comes in three different working widths from 6.40m to 8.20m and can be equipped with a choice of two different rings, with or without breakers.

Built from fabricated steel, the machine is hard-wearing and durable while end-pivot wings ensure the rollers closely follow the contours of the ground.

Optional levelling boards: Spring-mounted levelling boards shatter clods, break down plough ridges, and level the ground to deliver smooth and even consolidation.

Working widths

  • 6.40m (21’ 0”), 7.30m (24’ 0”), and 8.20m (27’ 0”)

Performance features

  • Cost-effective hydraulic folding roller
  • Large wheels and tyres for smooth road transport
  • End-pivot wing sections for effective contour-following
  • Choice of two different rings - with or without breakers
  • 5-spoke castellated heavy-duty rings
  • Transport lighting

User friendly

  • Easy adjustment of ring tension
  • Simple low-maintenance design
  • One-touch hydraulic folding for safe transport

Reliability and protection

  • Robust fabricated steel frame
  • Precision-engineered in the UK
  • Triple sealed bearings for enhanced durability

Tractor requirements

  • From 80hp

Optional extras

  • Levelling boards
  • Twin rows of 12mm ‘pig-tail’ tines (6.4m model only)
  • Stone trays


Consolidator 640-55

Product code 64C55
Working width 6.40m (21’)  6.40m (21’) 
Weight 3100kg 3750kg
Ring Type
Diameter of rings 55cm (22”)                   
55cm (22”) 

Consolidator 730-55

Product code 73C55
Working width 7.30m (24’) 7.30m (24’)
Weight  3400kg 4150kg
Ring Type
Diameter of rings 55cm (22”)                   
55cm (22”) 

Consolidator 820-55

Product code 82C55
Working width 8.20m (27’) 8.20m (27’)
Weight 3700kg 4590kg
Ring Type
Diameter of rings 55cm (22”)                   
55cm (22”)