Grassland Shakaerator

McConnel’s celebrated Grassland Shakaerator series is a high-performance deep-soil conditioner with a proven track record for easing compaction, enhancing drainage and promoting crop and grass growth.


The latest evolution of an award-winning design which has been delivering exceptional results for more than 35 years, the Grassland Shakaerator is famous all over the world for its effective performance, low soil disturbance, and low power requirements.

Created for farmers and contractors, the Grassland Shakaerator excels in a wide variety of work environments from pastures and arable leas to orchards and pastures.

Key features

  • 2.0m, 2.5m and 3.0m working widths
  • Specialist 1.6m and 1.8m Fruitaerator models available
  • Fully adjustable pivoting spring-loaded discs
  • Three-point linkage mounting (CAT II)
  • Rear roller depth adjustment
  • Unique Shakaerator vibration action
  • Choice of leg configurations
  • Spring loaded grassland discs
  • Adjustable wheel roller assembly
  • Low disturbance legs
  • Replaceable Euroshin and longlife points




The Shakaerator comes with a host of options that enable customers to configure their machine to a precise personal specification, including: leg configurations, shin types, the vibration unit, breakback protection, rollers and discs.

Low-disturbance soil conditioning

The Shakaerator’s unique vibration action breaks up the soil and eases the passage of the legs through the ground. This reduces soil disturbance and ensures peak performance on low horsepower tractors.


  • Relieves soil compaction
  • Proven deep-soil conditioning
  • Improves vertical drainage
  • Minimal turf and surface disturbance
  • Promotes grass and crop growth
  • Highly customisable
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable in a wide range of environments
  • Low horsepower requirement
Model GS2000
GS2500 GS3000
Main frame

Working width
2.0m (6'7")
2.5m (8'2") 3.0m (9'10")
Frame type - Rigid
1-piece frame
1-piece frame 1-piece frame
Attachment - 3-pt linkage CAT II CAT II CAT II
Working depth range (24" leg)
Max 355mm (14") Max 355mm (14") Max 355mm (14")
Working depth range (30" leg) Max 400mm (16") Max 400mm (16") Max 400mm (16")
Depth adjustment increments 25mm (1")
25mm (1") 25mm (1")
Road lighting kit N/A N/A N/A
Legs and Points      
Number of legs 2 or 3
2, 3, 4, or 5 4 or 5
Leg length 600mm (24") or 750mm (30")
600mm (24") or 750mm (30") 600mm (24") or 750mm (30")
Leg height adjustment increments 25mm (1") 25mm (1") 25mm (1")
Gas-strut A/R protection Optional
Optional Optional
Shear-pin protection Optional Optional Optional
Standard Euro point Optional Optional Optional
Wide Delta point Optional Optional Optional
Wear shin Standard Standard Standard
Vibration unit      
Hydraulic drive N/A Optional N/A
540 PTO drive Optional
Optional Optional
1000 PTO drive Optional
Optional Optional
Rear packers      
600mm (24") Consolidator N/A
600mm (24") Ridge packer Optional
Optional Optional
600mm (24") Shark-fin packer Optional Optional Optional
600mm (24") Flat Roller Standard
Standard Standard
Rear scrapers Standard Standard Standard
Hydraulic rear roller
N/A Optional N/A
Machine weight* From 812kg From 1,020kg From 1,103kg
Transport width 2.2m (10'0") 2.7m (8'10") 3.2m (10' 5")
Transport height 1.6m (5'3") 1.6m (5'3") 1.6m (5'3")
Min Tractor hp 50hp 75hp 100hp

*Weight dependent on configuration