Shakaerator 3000

The latest incarnation of the classic Shakaerator design, the Shakaerator 3000 features a 3.0m working width and delivers outstanding deep soil conditioning.


A high-performance deep-soil conditioner with a proven track record for easing compaction, enhancing drainage and promoting perfect conditions for crop growth.

The Shakaerator’s innovative leg design not only reduces draught and lowers fuel consumption, but also heaves and aerates without mixing topsoil and subsoil, protecting the fertile top layer and aiding crop growth.

Designed for working in maize stubble and ploughed fields where its vibration action breaks up the soil, the machine ensures a peak performance on tractors of just 125hp and above.

Key features

  • 3.0m working width
  • Three-point linkage mounting
  • Unique Shakaerator vibration action
  • Self-contained vibration unit with no need for a PTO shaft
  • Innovative low-draught leg design
  • Choice of leg configurations and points
  • Choice of rollers
  • Replaceable Euroshin and longlife points
  • Nitrogen gas-strut breakaway legs available


Proven track record

Precision-engineered in the UK, the latest generation of McConnel Shakaerators are an evolution of an award-winning design that has proven effective for more than 35 years – delivering increased crop yields, protecting the soil and reducing compaction.

Tough and durable

Heavy-duty build quality and a reinforced mainframe ensures the Shakaerator 3000 has the durability to withstand both challenging working conditions and the heavy workload of busy farmers and contractors. The machine also features the latest gas-strut legs for the best in breakaway protection.


  • Relieves soil compaction
  • Low-draught performance reduces fuel consumption
  • Auto-reset legs enable operators to work in challenging conditions
  • Proven deep-soil conditioning
  • Improves vertical drainage
  • Exceptional clod-breaking
  • Promotes crop growth
  • Customisable
  • Low horsepower requirement
Model Shakaerator 3000
Main frame

Working width
3.0m (9' 10")
Frame type - Rigid
1-piece frame
Attachment - 3-pt linkage CAT II
Working depth range (24" leg)
Max 355mm (14")
Working depth range (30" leg) Max 457mm (18")
Depth adjustment increments 25mm (1")
Road lighting kit Standard
Legs and Points  
Number of legs 5 or 7
Leg spacing 600mm (5-leg) / 430mm (7-leg)
Leg length 600mm (24") or 750mm (30")
Leg height adjustment increments 25mm (1")
Gas-strut A/R protection Optional
Shear-pin protection Standard
Standard Euro point Standard
Wide Delta point Optional
Wear shin Standard
Vibration unit  
Hydraulic drive Standard
540 PTO drive N/A
1000 PTO drive N/A
Rear packers  
600mm (24") Consolidator Optional
600mm (24") Ridge packer Optional
600mm (24") Shark-fin packer Standard
600mm (24") Flat Roller N/A
Rear scrapers Standard
Leading disc Optional
Machine weight* 1,350kg
Transport width 3.05m (10'0")
Transport height 1.8m (5'11")
Min Tractor hp 125hp

*weight dependent on configuration