Discaerator 4000 / 5000 / 6000

McConnel’s biggest and most productive single-pass cultivators are available in 4.0m, 5.0m and 6.0m working widths and feature smooth and effective hydraulic folding.

Equipped with two rows of shock-resistant concave discs which break up clods to create a fine tilth, the Discaerator range delivers the perfect conditions for crop establishment.


Created for farmers and contractors, the machines feature a choice of 5 or 7 heavy-duty subsoiler legs, two rows of 500mm steel cutting discs, and a large packer roller.

Equipped with the tried and trusted low-draught legs made famous by the Shakaerator, the machines are able to heave and aerate without mixing topsoil and subsoil, protecting the seed bed and creating the ideal conditions for increased crop yields.

Key features

  • 4.0m, 5.0m and 6.0m working widths
  • Hydraulic folding for safe transport
  • Choice of leg, shin and point options
  • Choice of rollers
  • Hydraulic parallel lift
  • Heavy-duty build quality
  • Compact transport position

DISCAERATOR 4000 in action

See the Discaerator 4000 in action:


Enhanced productivity

An outstanding single-pass deep soil cultivator, the Discaerators incorporate surface trash and stubble, heave and aerate soil, and break up the ground for a weather-proof finish - saving time, money, and fuel consumption.

Gas-strut break back legs

McConnel's innovative breakaway auto-reset system protects the legs when they make contact with a hard or immovable object. Each leg breaks backward to protect it from damage and then returns to position as soon as the hazard has been passed – keeping operators working and sparing unnecessary downtime.


  • Cost-effective single-pass cultivation
  • Creates a perfect seed bed
  • Increases crop yields
  • Proven reliability
  • High productivity machines
Model Discaerator 4000
Discaerator 5000 Discaerator 6000
Main frame

Working width
4.0m (13'1")
5.0m (16'5") 6.0m (19'8")
Frame type
2-piece frame
2-piece frame 2-piece frame
Attachment - trailed
Drawbar Drawbar
Working depth range
Max 500mm (20") Max 500mm (20") Max 500mm (20")
Depth adjustment increments 25mm (1")
25mm (1") 25mm (1")
Road lighting kit Standard Standard Standard
Legs and Points      
Number of legs 7 or 9
9 or 11 11 or 13
Leg spacing 570mm (7-leg) or 445mm (9-leg) 555mm (9-leg) or 455mm (11-leg) 545mm (11-leg) or 460mm (13-leg)
Leg length 750mm (30")
750mm (30") 750mm (30")
Leg height adjustment increments 25mm (1") 25mm (1") 25mm (1")
Gas-strut A/R protection Standard
Standard Standard
Shear-pin protection Optional
Optional Optional
Standard Euro point Standard Standard Standard
Wide Delta point Optional Optional Optional
Wear shin Standard Standard Standard
508mm concave and serrated
Standard Standard Standard
Disc angle
15" (Opposed)
15" (Opposed) 15" (Opposed)
Shock-absorbing mountings
Standard Standard
Disc configuration - First row 6 discs @ 500mm 6 discs @ 500mm 6 discs @ 500mm
Disc configuration - Second row 11 discs @ 250mm 11 discs @ 250mm 11 discs @ 250mm
Rear packers      
600mm (24") Consolidator Optional
Optional Optional
600mm (24") Ridge packer Optional
Optional Optional
600mm (24") Shark-fin packer Optional Optional Optional
600mm (24") Flat roller packer
Rear scrapers Standard Standard Standard
Machine weight* 6,700kg - 6,900kg
Transport width 2.85m (9'4") 2.85m (9'4") 2.85m (9'4")
Transport height 3.2m (10'6") 3.7m (12'1") TBC
Min Tractor hp 250hp (7 leg)
300hp (9-leg) 350hp (11-leg)

*weight dependent on configuration