Rakaerator 7400

Featuring a 7.4m working width; three-point linkage (CAT II and CAT III); and fast, effective hydraulic folding for safe transport, the RAKAERATOR has been created for farmers and contractors as the perfect complement for McConnel’s new low-disturbance SEEDAERATOR drill.

With its low horsepower requirements, wide working width and a working speed of up to 25 km/h, the Rakaerator is one of the most productive rakes on the market.


Designed to evenly distribute straw and crop residue, the RAKAERATOR accelerates rotting and creates a fine tilth 20-50mm deep - retaining soil moisture below and leaving behind a perfect environment for weed seeds and volunteers to germinate.

The machine is also highly effective at destroying slug eggs and habitat.

Heavy-duty build quality and a choice of tine options ensure it's also one of the best choices in terms of reliability and customisation.

Key features

  • 7.4m working width
  • Three-point linkage mounting
  • Hydraulic folding for safe transport
  • 144 hard-wearing 14mm tines
  • Six rows of tines
  • 50mm tine spacing
  • 16mm tines also available
  • Hydraulic adjustment of the tine angle
  • Simple, low maintenance design
  • Folding rear tine-row
  • Cushioned top-link
  • Lighting Kit


Easy to adjust

Hydraulic adjustment of tine angle on-the-fly ensures the working angle can be changed quickly and easily for optimal performance in a wide variety of different working conditions. The machine also features a folding rear tine row to reduce the transport length and improve comfort and safety.

Durable design

Boasting a robust steel frame, close ground contour-following, and a low draught, the Rakaerator is durable and easy to maintain


  • Highly productive
  • Fast, effective hydraulic folding
  • Creates a perfect seed bed
  • Creates a fine tilth
  • Rugged construction
  • Destroys slug eggs
  • Safe and comfortable in transport mode
Model Rakaerator 7400
Working width
7.4m (24'3")
Frame type - hydraulic folding 2-piece frame
Attachment - 3-pt linkage CAT II and III
Working speed 10-25 km/h
Hydraulic tine adjustment Standard
Road lighting kit
Rear market boards
Number of tine rows 6
Number of tines 144 (72 pairs)
Tine spacings 50mm (2")
14mm tine diameter Standard
16mm tine diameter Optional
Cushioned top link Standard
Folding rear tool bar Standard
Safety transport locks Standard
Machine weight* 1,650kg
Transport width 2.2m (7'2")
Transport height 3.7m (12'1")
Minimum tractor horsepower 120hp