The McConnel Seedaerator delivers single-pass drilling straight into previous crop residues - saving time, money and fuel, while maintaining crop yields in even the most challenging weather and soil conditions.

By cultivating only the seeding zone, the Seedaerator ensures the adjoining soil structure is left undisturbed and crop residue remains on the surface.

This creates the perfect conditions for a living biotic soil to thrive and delivers improvements in soil quality, aeration, water percolation, and moisture retention.

The soil remains rich in nutrients and can therefore deliver consistently strong yields year on year while the machine's single-pass operation allows farmers to work faster and smarter.


The culmination of an intensive four-year research and development programme, the Seedaerator has been created to thrive in a variety of soil and weather conditions.

The Seedaerator features a wide choice of customisation options, enabling farmers and contractors to precisely tailor the machine for peak performance.

Key benefits

  • Low-disturbance drilling improves soil structure 
  • Organic matter retained near the surface creates an active biotic layer
  • Cultivated seed zone promotes deep, vigorous rooting
  • Reduced compaction and improved drainage
  • Single-pass drilling for reduced fuel and labour costs

Key features

Leg profile

Nine low-disturbance leading legs cultivate only the seed zone root, leaving the soil structure undisturbed between bands. Users can choose between LD Low Disturbance and WL Winged Leg designs. Both feature a hardened tungsten-carbide face.

Hydraulic auto-reset legs

The hydraulic protection system allows the legs to break-back on contact with an obstacle and then automatically return to the working position without the need for operator input.

Press wheels

Press wheels not only consolidate the seed zone ahead of the coulter but also ensure the weight of the machine is distributed evenly for consistent leg and coulter depth and a uniform finish.

Seed distribution system

Designed and developed by McConnel specifically for nine coulters, the seed distribution system delivers constant seed flow from the hopper to the coulter even with large seeds at high rates.

Featuring a domed distribution head and large diameter seed hoses, the system delivers greater consistency and uniformity of seed placement. An innovative tramline shut-off system is incorporated into the distribution head as standard.

Rear harrow

A choice of rear harrow configurations is available to suit a wide range of soil conditions and personal preferences.

The working angle and surface pressure can be adjusted to create a level finish whether working pre-cultivated soil, or direct drilling into dense crop residue.

The Seedaerator in action

See the Seedaerator's five-stage single-pass drilling process in action:


  • 3.0m working width
  • Nine sowing bands
  • Three-point linkage
  • Hydraulic auto-reset leg option
  • Nine-leg configuration with 333mm spacing
  • 100-300mm leading leg working depth
  • New LD and wing legs with a hard-wearing tungsten carbide face
  • 60-150mm seed band width
  • 600kg or 1250kg hopper capacity
  • Choice of coulters including the new 170mm Twin-shot coulter made from 10mm Boron steel with an Armatech coating
  • Each coulter features 200mm of fully independent contour-following travel for consistent seeding depth
  • Domed distribution head, and larger diameter seed houses
  • Artemis Lite control system
  • Radar monitoring
  • Variable seed rate control


See McConnel’s low-disturbance seed drill in action:


New and enhanced design

The SEEDAERATOR features a package of enhancements to upgrade accuracy, durability and performance. Key improvements include new hydraulic auto-reset legs, a new seed distribution system, more robust coulter linkage, a new twin-shot coulter, and additional rear harrow options.

Unique modular construction

Backed by a range of interchangeable modules the SEEDAERATOR can be quickly and easily configured to suit a vast range of soil types and changing conditions. Modules available include: a Front Disc Module, a Twin Tank Hopper and a Rear Tool Bar Module. More are in development.

Main frame  
Working width 3.0m (9'10")
Attachment - 3pt linkage CAT II and III
Hydraulic auto-reset protection
Mechanical shear-pin protection Optional
1,250kg hopper capacity Standard
Road lighting and marker boards Standard
Leading legs  
Leg spacing 333mm (1'1")
Working depth range 100-300mm (4"-12")
LD Low Disturbance Leg Standard
WL Winged Leg Optional
Press Wheels  
9-pneumatic cleated press wheels Standard
Coulter contour following +/-100mm (4")
Coulter depth range 0-150mm (0-6")
150mm coulter Standard
170mm Twin-Shot coulter Optional
60mm Bean and pea coulter Optional
150mm Dual Product coulter Optional
Tramlining Standard
Adjustable rear press wheel pressure Standard
9-outlet distribution head Standard
Heavy-duty bout markers Standard
RDS metering control Standard
Radar monitoring and hydraulic fan Standard
Rear harrow Standard

Pre-emergence markers

Dual rear harrow Optional
Twin-tank, dual product module Optional
Front disc module Optional
Machine weight* 2,570kg
Transport width 2.8m (9'2")
Transport height 2.8m (9'2")
Minimum tractor horsepower From 140hp