Riddell Farms, SR460 header image

Based in Melrose, Scotland, Riddell Farms is an organic enterprise that uses the SR460 rotary mower to clear weeds.

Fast, easy, and incredibly effective! That’s the verdict on the SR460 from Andy Grant and his team at Riddell Farms.

The team rely on the 4.6m flex-wing rotary mower to clear weeds, docks – using it in place of herbicides for an organic solution.

The team used to hire a mower to tackle the 1,250 acres of pasture and farmland on the estate buit found timing an issue so turned to their local Rickerby dealer and purchased the SR460.

Operator Andy Young said: “We need to hit the thistles and everything at just the right time. We have got flexibility with this machine and can cover a lot of acres in a day with it.

“It’s dead-easy to set up and maintenance wise it’s simple.”

The SR460’s performance is also proving popular with the team.

Andy said: “We’re very pleased with it. I particularly like the way it mulches the grass at the same time as it cuts it. It doesn’t leave lines of grass behind which was certainly a plus when choosing this model.”

Equipped with walking axles which enables each section to follow the contours of the ground independently for a smooth finish even on bumpy ground, the SR460’s attractive cut has earned it the praise of estate owner Andrew Grant.

He said: “The SR460 is a very efficient machine and the farm is looking fantastic because of it.”

Part of McConnel’s comprehensive range of rotary mowers, the SR460 is the easiest flex-wing mower to operate and comes with a suite of advanced features.

For more information on McConnel's range of flex-wing rotary mowers, please go to: http://www.mcconnel.com/rotary-and-flail-mowers/rotary-mowers/