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Cheshire contractor Paul Harding has run a selection of flagship Power Arms. He relies on REVOLUTION with EDS for safe, fast mowing.

A professional verge-mowing and hedge-cutting contractor, Paul Harding uses a PA6585 with Variable Forward Reach (VFR), state-of-the-art REVOLUTION controls, and McConnel's award-winning Easy Drive System (EDS).

The high spec machine is ideal for Paul who works long hours in peak season and relies on the latest McConnel technology to help him work faster, smarter and safer.

VFR is a key requirement because it enables him to position the flailhead alongside the cab when verge mowing - improving visibility and comfort by enabling him to concentrate on the road ahead.

Paul takes great pride in the quality of his finish and wanted a control system that enabled him to maximise his skill as a hedge-cutter.

That's why he chose REVOLUTION  - the most advanced Power Arm control system in the industry - enjoying precise fingertip control of complex manoeuvres, eight proportional functions, and advanced key-mapping and customisation options.

Paul said: "Revolution is a big improvement on other controls I have used and I find it exceptional. It allows me to cut with a lot of precision which is important to me because I also compete in hedge-cutting competitions and always try to achieve the best possible cut quality."

Another key tool for Paul is EDS which dramatically enhances his productivity when verge mowing.

EDS is an automatic floatation system that adjusts to ground contours 30 times a second, reducing fatigue and increasing working speeds up to 18 km/h.

Paul said: "EDS makes a huge difference. I can cut verges a lot faster than with other control systems and it's far more productive."

Paul has tried out rival systems but has found nothing can compete with its ease of use, cut quality, and working speed.

"I can cut between one and three gears higher using a McConnel than I can with one of the competition models. This is a significant difference and it gives me a big advantage because I can work faster, save time, and deliver an excellent cut.”

He said: “It is a great system and gives me an edge over other contractors."

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