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Based in Llantrisant, South Wales, Tom Pritchard Contracting Ltd use a PA6570T - Multisaw HD combo for tree maintenance.

In addition to running a successful plant-hire, earth-moving, and demolition business, Tom Pritchard Contracting Ltd also offer verge-mowing and tree maintenance services – using a PA6570T and Multisaw HD combination to keep roadside vegetation under control.

One of the key benefits it delivers is the huge improvement in productivity over hand-cutting.

They have praised the machine saying: “We use the Multisaw for jobs which would take a lot of time if you were forced to hand-cut instead. It’s very powerful and makes light work of most branches.

“It’s a very useful bit of kit and is a valuable asset to anyone involved in highway maintenance.”

A robust, high-performance saw head with the power to cut tree limbs and the finesse to trim light bushes with a diameter of just 5mm, the Multisaw opens up a host of new opportunities for farmers, contractors and local government teams.

Key features of the HD range include:

  • 2.0m, and 2.4m working widths
  • 5mm-100mm cutting capacity
  • Four-blade configuration
  • 500mm blade thickness (HD2000)
  • 600mm blade thickness (HD2400)
  • Super-strength tungsten carbide Videa teeth
  • Minimum oil flow: 50/85 ltrs/min
  • Weight: 220kg (HD 2000)
  • Weight: 280kg (HD2400)

McConnel also offers a range of compact and medium duty Multisaws with working widths from 1.4m to 2.8m – ensuring at least one model is available with every series of Power Arm.

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