Mathew Williams, PA6570T  header image

Pembrokeshire Contractor Mathew Williams uses a PA6570T with REVOLUTION controls for his work cutting hedges.

Mathew Williams has been working as an agricultural contractor for almost a decade, clocking up more than 10,000 miles on the job since cutting his first hedge at the age of the age of 16.

Based in the small village of Clunderwen between Tenby and Cardigan, he maintains hedgerows for farmers across Pembrokeshire, covering one of the most beautiful counties in Britain.

But while the area’s sweeping hillsides and winding country lanes make it a mecca for tourists, it’s a challenging landscape for even the most experienced contractor to operate in successfully.

Mathew needed a feature-packed hedgecutter with a combination of reach and manoeuvrability to thrive in the confined spaces between the lanes.

He also required the best in build quality and reliability, because he can’t afford downtime for repairs, which would cost him vital work and income.

Other factors important in his specification include:

  • Safe, smooth transport. The challenging local terrain creates a lot of wear and tear on agricultural machinery. He needed a machine that was safe in transit and can absorb the stress of bumpy roads without damaging the hedgecutter.
  • Strong after-care support. Mathew wanted the peace-of-mind guaranteed by a two-year warranty, as well as high-quality servicing and support from an experienced local dealer.
  • Precision. Mathew wanted to deliver the best possible cut to customers, while working quickly and effectively. An outstanding control system was therefore a big factor in his choice of machine.
  • Manoeuvrability. The extra axis of movement delivered by McConnel's Orbitor bracket.

Keen to ensure he is bang up to date with the latest in hedgecutting technology – Mathew purchased a new PA6570T, complete with McConnel’s next-generation REVOLUTION controls and productivity-enhancing Easy Drive System.

Mathew and his family have tried out a range of different machines in the past but always keep coming back to McConnel – thanks to its high-quality machines and the exceptional support they receive from local dealer Riverlea.

Mathew said: “It’s a good combination because McConnel make great hedgecutters and Riverlea is a superb dealer with a great reputation in South West Wales. They offer a really strong after-care service and I know I can depend on them after a purchase.”

The PA6570T is one of McConnel’s most technologically advanced hedgecutters and has been specially designed to meet the needs of professional contractors – delivering a host of exceptional features to make its operation safer, easier and more effective.