Andy Wright, ROBOMOZ header image

Andy Wright of Ludlow's Whitcliffe Common Association saw the difference ROBOMOZ can make when mowing on slopes.

ROBOMOZ saved volunteers hundreds of hours of hard work after being brought in to help cut back verges and pathways at Ludlow’s scenic Whitcliffe beauty spot.

McConnel’s 33hp all-terrain remote control mower tackled long grass and heavy overgrowth on steep slopes and riverbanks, taking on a laborious and time-consuming job that was previously tackled by hand.

Andy Wright from the Whitcliffe Common Association paid tribute to the performance of ROBOMOZ saying:

“In a day it achieved what would normally have taken us weeks of voluntary work to carry out on a muddy riverbank and several steep hillsides. It’s great to see a local company putting something back into the area.”

The job was tackled by McConnel demonstration manager Simon Pattrick and team-mate Billy Gray in just three hours.

Designed exclusively for mowing, ROBOMOZ is a value for money alternative to ROBOCUT, and is ideal for those looking to enter the remote control green maintenance sector for the first time.

Powered by a fuel-efficient Yanmar diesel engine, ROBOMOZ offers the same benchmark-setting standards for stability and delivers a winning combination of power, fuel efficiency, and value.

With a 33hp powerpack, a low centre of gravity and a choice of three different high-grip tracks ROBOMOZ can tackle slopes of up to 55 degrees.