Seth Oliver, Profi Mega 300 header image

Based in Alnwick, contractor Seth Oliver uses his powerful Magnum Profi Mega 300 for everything from pasture topping to clearing gorse.

Seth chose the 3.0m model for its productivity and loves the smart finish it delivers.

He said: “It’s absolutely brilliant. It can go on the front of the tractor or the back, but I only use it on the front – that means there are no wheel marks which my customers are over the moon about.”

Although mostly used for mowing fields and topping game plots and margins but plans to use it for tackling tough and challenging overgrowth.

He said: “I’m hoping to branch out and do some gorse and heavier stuff. I was up on a moor the other day and there was some gorse there, so I thought I would give it a go and it made a good job of it.”

The machine’s 3.0m working width is ideal for Seth and allows him to tackle 6.0m game strips for large estates in just two passes.

He said: “It does a tremendous job of topping. It’s a big, robust machine and ticks all the right boxes.”

Seth bought his machine from Rickerby's Alnwick depot.

Created for farmers, contractors, forestry specialists and local government, the Profi Mega is McConnel’s most powerful flail mower. The machine is capable of cutting through vegetation up to 80cm thick and is ideal for fast, effective mulching in dense overgrowth and thick stubble.

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