Cutter Grabs

With powerful hydraulic rams, wide jaws and razor-sharp cutting blades, McConnel Cutter Grabs have an impressive ‘bite’ that allow you to tackle silage quickly and effectively

  • Four models available
  • 1.29m, 1.42m, 1.71m, 1.96m working widths
  • Serrated blade
  • Twin rams. (Three rams on largest model)

Model CG10S, CG20S and CG25S

  • Wide opening jaws
  • Powerful large diameter hydraulic rams
  • Razor sharp cutting blades
  • Heavy duty hard spring steel tines
  • Faster cutting tines
  • Minimal spillage - less waste
  • Rugged construction
  • Large diameter pivot pins

Model CG30S

  • Three hydraulic rams for increased cutting performance & strength
  • Heavy duty substantially braced frame
  • Additional centre blade provides for easier handling of silage block.
Machine Type CG-140 Original CG-170 Original CG-200 Premium
Width (m) 1.42
1.71 1.96
Load Capacity 0.9m³  (630kg) 1.05m³  (763kg) 1.24m³  (925kg)
Machine Weight (kg)
500 650
Hydraulic Rams Bore 100mm dia. Bore 50mm dia. 2 2 3
Number of tines 10                  
12  14