Keith's portrait of the past provides a unique glimpse of McConnel's history header image

A unique book which traces the recent history of McConnel through a series of pictures of its employees has just been published by prototype engineer Keith Boddey.

Entitled ‘McConnel Faces’, the 96-page book features a collection of images from 1975 to the present, capturing moments in the lives of past and present employees at retirement and long-service events, as well as charity and sports functions.

Keith said the idea of the project was to celebrate the role McConnel plays as one of Ludlow’s largest employers and recognise the efforts of the many people who have worked at the Shropshire town’s production facility over the past 40 years.

Keith explained: “I wanted to capture a little piece of social history and create something that everyone who has worked here over the past four decades would enjoy.

“It’s all about the people who have built the machines that have made the company famous so it’s a unique take on McConnel’s history.”

The book is currently on display at Ludlow Library.

If you would like more information on the book, please contact Keith by email at: