Heavy-duty flailheads tackle the toughest challenges header image

McConnel has expanded the range of high-performance attachments for its all-terrain remote control ROBOCUT – adding two new forestry flailheads that enable operators to tackle dense scrub, small trees, and overgrown vegetation.

ROBO-FOREST and ROBO-MULCHER offer a 1.25m cutting width and can work on slopes of up to 55 degrees thanks to ROBOCUT’s high-grip track technology and low centre of gravity design.

ROBO-FOREST features a steel push bar to feed material into the flailhead and is armed with 50 hard-wearing tungsten carbide teeth fixed onto a heavy-duty steel rotor spinning at 3000rpm.

The machine tears through everything from tree stumps to saplings and can mulch material up to 100mm thick.

ROBO-MULCHER offers a similar performance, but uses 22 free-swinging hammer flails which spin around a specially designed 3000rpm rotor for added durability and exceptional cutting momentum – pounding overgrowth and debris into a fine mulch.

The two new machines complement a growing range of attachments which expand the uses of ROBOCUT and turn it into an innovative multi-functional remote control work platform.

Other attachments now available include:

  • Trencher
  • Wood Chipper
  • Universal Blade
  • Loader
  • Hi-Tip Bucket
  • 1.5m Rotary Head
  • Power Brush
  • Snow Blower
  • And Stump Grinder