ROBOLOAD opens up new ways of working in the German shipping industry header image

McConnel’s innovative ROBOLOAD machine is challenging perceptions in Germany, where its abilities as a safe and productive load carrier are opening up new opportunities in the maritime sector.

After turning heads with an eye-catching display at the influential Maritime Industry Show at Bad Salzuflen, McConnel’s German distribution partner Dabekuasen was invited to demonstrate ROBOLOAD at the port of Emden in North West Germany.

The machine was used to move heavy raw steel cokes, while working in a potentially dangerous and restricted-access area where safety is paramount.

A second follow-up trial with McConnel’s larger and more powerful ROBOMAX will be carried out this summer.

Dabekausen general manager said: “ROBOLOAD has received a lot of interest in the shipping industry because it removes operators from hazardous areas and protects employees from danger.

“The machine has encouraged people to start thinking about innovative new ways of working that enable the safe, fast and effective unloading of ship’s cargoes.”

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