ROBO versatility winning new fans across Europe header image

The outstanding versatility of McConnel’s remote control ROBO range is opening up new opportunities across the continent for McConnel’s Dutch and German distribution partner Dabekausen.

The company has embarked on an intensive promotional campaign and demo tour to highlight the multi-purpose functionality of the six machines available and the comprehensive range of more than 20 different working attachments.

Over the past few weeks, Dabekausen has successfully showcased the machines in action in a variety diverse work environments, including:

  • Cleaning ships and maintaining grounds with a ROBOCUT at a waste site in Amsterdam, Holland
  • Cutting back gorse and bushes with ROBOMAX and a heavy-duty forestry mulcher in hill country near Gottingen, Germany (see picture above)
  • Clearing vegetation alongside railway tracks in Flanders, Belgium with a ROBOCUT and a specially modified mulching flailhead
  • Levelling mud at a water purification site in Holland with a ROBOMOZ and a blade attachment
  • Removing dense vegetation in a woodland near the German town of Aachen with the new ROBOCUT forestry head
  • And unloading steel cokes with ROBOLOAD from shipping at the German port of Emden

Dabekausen general manager Jeroen Huijsmans said the potential for McConnel’s remote control range was almost limitless –and that customers were increasingly identifying ways in which ROBO technology could help them work harder, smarter and safer.