Unique spec makes McConnel’s magnificent 7700s big in the Baltics header image

An innovative custom-build project has seen McConnel deliver some of the most powerful front-mount machines ever created for the green maintenance market.

Driven by 85-hp hydraulics and built around the PA7700 design, the machines feature a unique high-stability front-mounting system and were created for a customer of McConnel’s Latvian distribution partner Unimotors.

A total of seven machines were constructed – each equipped with a high-performance 1.5m rotary head.

The customer, a major highway and verge maintenance contractor, also purchased three state-of-the-art PA7285 Tele-VFR machines which feature McConnel’s advanced telescopic Variable Forward Reach technology for enhanced comfort and visibility.

McConnel export manager Edward Hall said: “The sale of these rare custom-build machines has helped raise awareness of what McConnel can offer customers in the green maintenance market and will hopefully lead to more major deals in Latvia in the future.

“McConnel offers thousands of different build variations and we’re always delighted to work with our partners and customers to help them create a perfect build for their requirements.”

Unimotors also took the opportunity to showcase McConnel’s all-terrain remote control ROBOCUT at an open day at its headquarters, attracting scores of contractors and promoting a series of demo requests across the country.

For more information about McConnel machines in Latvia and the services Unimotors can offer, please go to: http://www.unimotors.lv/