Classic Shakaerator turns heads at prestigious French show header image

McConnel and ETS Payen have given a French show debut to the Classic Shakaerator range at Innov-Agri Show –introducing two new models to the French market with working widths of 4.0 and 5.0m.

The Classic machines have been designed for farmers looking for performance and value,  who want the versatility to switch their subsoil cultivator’s working width to match the soil conditions and different tractors.

The machine is the latest evolution of McConnel’s world renowned Shakaerator range which has a proven track record for easing compaction, enhancing drainage and promoting perfect conditions for crop growth.

The Shakaerator’s innovative sabre-style leg design not only reduces draught and lowers fuel consumption, but also heave and aerate without mixing topsoil and subsoil, protecting the fertile top layer and aiding crop growth.

An optional vibration unit dramatically reduces draught by shattering the soil and easing the passage of the machine’s legs through the ground.  This unique action ensures a lower tractor horsepower requirement compared to machines without vibration units, reducing fuel consumption and operating costs, and aiding traction.

The entire machine is moved up and down and side-to -side as it travels through the ground at a rate of 500-600 vibrations per minute delivering a vigorous shattering action that breaks up the soil, creates fissures and eases compaction.

The tractor is completely isolated from vibration because the energy is all absorbed within the soil, so users will never notice any shaking inside the cab.

Heavy-duty build quality and a reinforced mainframe ensures the Classic Shakaerator range has the durability to withstand both challenging working conditions and the heavy workload of busy farmers and contractors.

The machine also comes with a choice of wide delta and standard Euro points - enabling operators to tailor their machine for peak performance in deep or shallow soil. For a wider heave and greater soil movement at shallower depths, the 250mm wide delta point can be fitted.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Foldable wing extensions of 1.0 or 2.0m are available boosting the working width to 4.0 or 5.0m
  • Choice of 600mm or 750mm legs
  • Shearbolt or gas-strut break-back legs available
  • Robust super-strength steel mainframe with hardened pins for extra durability
  • Sturdy storage legs, angled for easy access
  • Heavy-duty rams for fast folding and durability
  • Seven and nine-leg configurations (Shakaerator 400 Classic)
  • Nine and 11-leg configurations (Shakaerator 500 Classic)
  • Optional vibration unit
  • Choice of consolidator, ridge packer or shark fin rollers
  • Road lighting kit as standard

Other machines on display included:

  • The PA6070VFR
  • The Twose Classic Line TP500
  • The Seedaerator
  • And the Discaerator 3000.

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