McConnel unveils ultimate mowing machine with  launch of new combination Power Arm unit header image

McConnel has created an innovative new dual-combination mowing unit featuring front and rear-mounted Power Arms controlled by a single REVOLUTION joystick.

Developed to meet the demand from professional verge-mowing contractors for a productive, manoeuvrable, easy-to-control dual-machine combination, the unit takes advantage of the latest breakthroughs in Power Arm technology including the industry’s most advanced armset, controls and verge floatation systems.

Combination Power Arms in action

See the new Combination Power Arm unit in action verge mowing in Denmark:

The unique dual-control system takes full advantage of McConnel’s market-leading 10-function Revolution controls allowing operators to switch back and forth from full control of one Power Arm to the other at the touch of a joystick button for a safe, precise, and productive cutting action.

The twin EDS verge floatation system ensures both machines can work simultaneously by enabling automatic floatation of one Power Arm while the other is manually controlled by the operator.

Key features of the build include:

  • A rear-mounted 8.0m PA8085Tele-VFR with 85hp hydraulics, Variable Forward Reach(VFR), and a telescopic arm extension that can add up to 0.9m extra reach on demand
  • A front-mounted 5.3m PA5360 Power Arm with 60hp hydraulics
  • Specially adapted controls which enable the operator to switch between full manual control of either arm at the touch of a button while the ‘secondary’ arm is then automatically controlled by McConnel’s Easy Drive System (EDS)
  • EDS equipped on both Power Arms – automatically adjusting the position of the cutting head to ground contours 30 times a second for greater comfort, safety and precision
  • Both Power Arms are fitted with 1.2m Multicut flailheads which rotate through 180 degrees enabling operators to mow in either direction, and through 90 degrees for unrivalled manoeuvrability

McConnel’s new Tele-VFR armset technology is crucial to the machine’s success enabling the cutting head of rear-mounted Power Arm to be positioned alongside the cab. This makes the most of the 120-degree focal range of the human eye, allowing operators to flick simultaneously back and forth from the road to the flailhead without compromising safety.

McConnel general manager Christian Davies said: “The dual combination unit is one of the most innovative builds we have ever created and offers unrivalled productivity and manoeuvrability. Our customers are extremely pleased with the performance and cut quality, while the learning curve for mastering the controls is fast and smooth.”

The first two machines have just been delivered to customers of McConnel’s Danish distributor MI Group where they are being used by professional verge mowing contractors for faster working speeds and greater cutting flexibility.

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