Swiss show success as record numbers check out McConnel’s latest tech header image

McConnel machines have been turning heads in Switzerland where local distributor OTT has been showcasing a selection of the latest hedge-cutting and remote control technology at the country’s prestigious Agrama Show.

Held in Berne, the event attracted more than 50,000 farmers, contractors and visitors, with record numbers getting a closer look at McConnel’s flagship PA8085 Tele-VFR Power Arm and the new 80hp all-terrain ROBOMAX.

OTT product manager Thomas Hofer said the event had generated a huge amount of interest in McConnel machines and given the company a great opportunity to promote the product range to a new audience.

OTT also put the spotlight on:

  • The PA5155 VFR
  • The Topper 9 rotary mower
  • Revolution and Motion controls
  • And a range of Power Arm attachments including: a 2.3m cutterbar, a 2.0m Multisaw, and a heavy-duty Omega flailhead.

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