Tele-VFR armset is the Kiwi to success for New Zealand customers header image

New Zealand’s first 7.2m Tele-VFR Power Arm has  just hit the road in Hamilton thanks to another successful sale by local distributor AgriQuip.

Shane and Maree Vincent of Cormett Hedgecutting chose the new PA7285 Tele-VFR for the enhanced comfort, visibility and precision it offers, as well as its powerful 85hp hydraulics.

Created from super-strength Domex steel and featuring state-of-the-art 10-function Revolution controls and the flexibility of Variable Forward Reach with a telescopic arm extension, the new machine has been designed to withstand the busy workloads of professional contractors and is ideal for tackling both hedge-cutting and verge-mowing.

McConnel export manager Edward Hall said: “This important first is a great reward for AgriQuip who always work hard to promote McConnel in New Zealand and have taken the brand from strength to strength.”

Telescopic-Variable Forward Reach is designed to aid visibility from all types of cab and makes cutting around obstacles much easier. Its unique range of movement delivers a 400% larger working zone for operators, boosting both precision and productivity.