Fast, safe, productive! ROBOCUT keeps stunning landscape in trim header image

McConnel’s all-terrain remote control slope mower ROBOCUT has been put through its paces in challenging terrain at one of the North of England’s most stunning beauty spots.

ROBOCUT was armed with a fixed-tooth forestry flailhead, one of 22 different working attachments available, giving it an unrivalled versatility and turning it into a true multi-purpose work platform.

Capable of working on slopes up to 55 degrees, ROBOCUT enables safe, fast working in hazardous, hard-to-reach and restricted access sites.

It has proven itself in a wide variety of hostile terrains from mountains in Scandinavia to jungles in Papua New Guinea and can be found working in more than 20 countries around the world.

If you’d like to see the machine in action, then please call Simon Pattrick on 07968 424441 to arrange a demo.