Arctic blast can’t put the freeze on McConnel machines header image

Snow and sub-zero temperatures couldn’t deter farmers in Finland from braving the cold to check out McConnel’s range of mowers and subsoil cultivators at the country’s Ylivieska Machinery Show.

McConnel’s Finnish distributor BT-Agro showcased a selection of machinery including the Shakaerator and the Twose Classic Line Grassland Subsoiler and hosted a series of talks on the benefits of relieving soil compaction from McConnel’s Market Development Manager Tim Coleridge.

Tim said: “While it seemed a little strange to be discussing soil compaction when it was -20 degrees and frozen outside, the event went very well and McConnel’s subsoil technology was very warmly received.”

Pictured above at the show BY Argo’s Hannu Keskinen (centre) shows customers around the Subsoiler 250.

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