New SEEDAERATOR in action at Tillage Live header image

Farmers and contractors get their first chance to see McConnel’s new SEEDAERATOR in action at Tillage Live on Wednesday, September 10, 2014.

The machine, which is the culmination of more than three years intensive research and development, will be put through its paces at a public show for the first time at the event – giving visitors the chance to assess its performance alongside its major rivals in the industry.

Held at Down Ampney Airfield in Gloucestershire, the show is one of the most important cultivation showcases in the UK and gives visitors the chance to see the latest machinery perform in real working conditions.

Created to help customers reap the full benefits of low-disturbance drilling, the SEEDAERATOR improves soil structure, lowers establishment costs and delivers sustainable intensive farming without damaging the environment.

The SEEDAERATOR features an innovative modular design with a range of customisation options that enables farmers to tailor the machine to suit a full range of soils and weather conditions.

Key benefits of the SEEDAERATOR’s low-disturbance system include:

• Improves the structure of all types of soil
• Ensures organic matter is retained near the surface creating an active biotic layer of topsoil
• Deep cultivation ahead of the coulters promotes deep rooting
• Single-pass drilling reduces fuel and labour costs
• Reduces compaction and improves drainage

McConnel marketing manager Wayne Brown said: “Tillage gives us an ideal opportunity to showcase the SEEDAERATOR and demonstrate the financial and performance benefits it can deliver for both farmers and contractors.

“We would like to invite anyone interested in the machine to come along and join us at the event, where they can see for themselves how the SEEDAERATOR is helping farmers and contractors to fully reap the benefits of low disturbance drilling.”

McConnel will be demonstrating the SEEDAERATOR at Plot 8.