McConnel reveals exciting line-up for Cereals 2017 header image

McConnel will be showcasing a comprehensive range of Power Arm, remote control, cultivation and green maintenance machinery at Cereals Show.

While the spotlight will be on the new 75 Series with a debut appearance for the 5.6m PA5675, customers will also get a great opportunity for a closer look at 12 of our best-selling machines.

Products on display include:

  • PA6585 Tele-VFR
  • PA6565T
  • PA5155
  • Grassland Shakaerator
  • Discaerator 3000
  • Seedaerator
  • SR 15 rotary mower
  • Magnum Profi 270 HD flail mower
  • Rota-Roll Ballast roller
  • Heavy-duty 5-gang  folding hydraulic rollers
  • 3-gang consolidator rollers

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