State of the art Power Arm draws  the crowds at top European show header image

McConnel’s new PA6575 Tele-VFR machine has been pulling in the crowds at Switzerland’s prestigious Suisse Public Show in Bern.

Put under the spotlight by McConnel’s Swiss distribution partner OTT, the new machine features the latest breakthroughs in Power Arm technology and attracted hundreds of contractors and local government officials from across the country.

Equipped with the advanced Telescopic-Variable Forward Reach Armset, the machine also features McConnel’s innovative new high-efficiency oil tank cooling system which delivers outstanding de-aeration; produces a very low overall flow velocity; and eliminates areas in the tank where resting oil can concentrate.

Designed to improve efficiency, performance and durability, this new system ensures consistent cooling in all weather conditions and reduces heat build-up.

Other machines on display at the event included:

  • Swingtrim
  • A  Front-mounted PA3530
  • A PA5155 with Variable Forward Reach
  • And a selection of Power Arm attachments including Multisaws, Cutterbars and the heavy-duty Omega flailhead

OTT’s Thomas Hofer said: “We were delighted with the response the machines received at the show, with the PA6575 Tele-VFR proving very popular.  There was also a huge amount of interest in both the compact Power Arms on display and the ROBO range of remote control machinery.”

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