Fine Cut ensures perfect finish in Singapore showcase header image

McConnel’s Singapore distributor Jebsen and Jessen has put a new PA4330 Power Arm under the spotlight - showcasing the performance of the machine at a special demonstration with the country’s National Park Board.

The state-of-the-art compact Power Arm was equipped with a FineCut Rotary Head and put through its paces on a long stretch of decorative hedgerow to show the advantages of mechanising the landscaping operation.

The PA4330 has just been sold to a prominent local ground-care company Prince's Landscape & Construction Pte Ltd and is expected to be the first of a batch of machines which will take over maintenance and landscaping duties at the country’s parks.

Jebsen and Jessen’s business development manager Jason Leong explained the PA4330 impressed the park board with its manoeuvrability, performance and finish, and had made a strong case for further mechanisation.

Jason said: “The board were really pleased with the PA4330’s performance. It was fast, effective and worked well in confined spaces, while the Rotary Head left behind a very attractive finish. The machine made a strong impression and we’re hopeful it will lead to further orders in the future.”

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