Danish demo tour takes McConnel show on the road! header image

McConnel’s state-of-the-art Power Arm, remote control and mowing technology will be hitting the road for a nationwide tour of Denmark.

The company’s Danish distribution partner Mi Group, will be showcasing a comprehensive range of machines to farmers, contractors and local government specialists on a seven-stop, two-week road trip around the country.

Machines on display will include:

  • Innovative front and rear-mounted dual combination Power Arms
  • A selection of Power Arms including an 8.0m 85 Series machine and a compact equipped with a cut and clearance unit
  • And a 6.2m SR620 flex-wing rotary mower

Aimed at both the agricultural and municipal sectors, the tour will see demonstrations and in-depth walkthroughs of each machine’s key features.

McConnel product manager for Mi Group Robert Vemmelund said: “The tour gives us a unique opportunity to reach potential customers around the country and give them a chance to see the machines in action. We’ve had a great response and are very excited about the possibilities.”

The tour kicks off in Slangerup on 5 September and finishes in Fårup Sommerland 15 days later.

To find out more about the tour or about McConnel machines in Denmark please visit: http://www.mi.dk/content/mcconnel-demo-tour