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Designed for farmers, contractors, and local government teams, McConnel’s innovative 75 series Power Arms come with a choice of five different reach options from 5.6m to 8.0m, are powered by 70hp high-performance hydraulics, and are built to last from Stenx (Domex) steel.

The most radical enhancement is the new cooling and hydraulic system which delivers an outstanding de-aeration performance; very low overall flow velocity; and eliminates areas in the tank where resting oil can concentrate.

This unique design improves efficiency, performance and durability, ensures consistent cooling in all weather conditions, and reduces heat build-up.

The 75 series has been designed to get the best from REVOLUTION – McConnel’s  market-leading eight-function proportional control system which features outstanding joystick precision, fully customisable controls, and simple but sophisticated software developed in-house exclusively for McConnel Power Arms.

REVOLUTION comes complete with the award-winning Easy Drive System (EDS) for faster ‘hands-free’ verge mowing speeds in undulating terrain. EDS automatically adjusts to the contours of the ground more 30 times a second - reducing operator input and fatigue. It enhances comfort and visibility and can increase working speeds by up to 4.5 times the norm.

Customers can choose from four different armsets including: Standard, Telescopic, Variable Forward Reach, and Telescopic Variable Forward Reach(Tele-VFR).

The advanced Tele-VFR armset enables operators to position the flailhead alongside the cab for greater visibility, while offering extra reach on demand for manoeuvrability.

Other market-leading features include:

  • McConnel’s acclaimed 3-point and 4-point hitch mounting systems which are easy to fit and deliver a highly stable cutting platform.
  • TwinCut – the world’s first dual rotor flailhead tackles mature hedgerows in a single-pass, producing a heavy-duty cut and a perfect finish in a single operation – saving time and fuel costs and increasing the amount of work achieved in a day. The first rotor is equipped with a heavy-duty T-flail which cuts in a downward direction, finely mulching the material and reducing the debris blown forward. Set 50mm lower, the second rotor cuts in an upward direction and is equipped with a fine-cut competition flail.
  • F14 Flails –the first flail ever developed which can cut everything from grass to mature hedgerows. Its weight-efficient design ensures an exceptional heavy-duty cutting performance without the need for a more powerful machine driving heavier flails.
  • Widest range of attachments: The 75 Series is available with 28 different attachment options including: Ditch Cleaners, Cutterbars, Rotary Heads, and Multi Saws.

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