McConnel launches next-generation compact Power Arm header image

McConnel will unveil the world’s first compact Power Arm with Variable Forward Reach (VFR) - at Agritechnica 2017.

Delivering market-leading manoeuvrability, precision and productivity, the 4.8m reach PA4830 VFR features an innovative new armset created from Strenx and Hardox steel that is more than five per cent lighter while adding 0.5m reach over the PA4330.

The PA4830’s advanced new VFR technology enables customers to extend the arm 0.9m forward and 0.9m backward, positioning the attachment at any point along the cutting range and dramatically expanding the working area.

The benefits from the new armset include: improved comfort and visibility; greater precision; flexibility to tailor the position of the arm to the job at hand or personal preference; and faster working speeds when operating in confined environments or around obstacles such as sign-posts and street furniture.

Designed for landscape, amenities, and ground-care professionals, and local government teams and contractors, the PA4830 features 30hp totally independent hydraulics built around McConnel-designed  valve blocks precision-engineered in house.

The PA4830 will be available with McConnel’s new high-efficiency ‘Polar’ oil tank and cooling system as an option. Launched with the new 75-Series Power Arms earlier this year, the new Polar system improves efficiency, performance and durability – ensuring consistent cooling in all weather conditions and significantly reducing heat build-up.

It also delivers outstanding de-aeration, producing a very low overall flow velocity, and eliminating areas in the tank where resting oil can concentrate.

The PA4830 has been redesigned throughout to take advantage of the latest breakthroughs in technology and comes with a suite of new features and optional upgrades including:

  • 95 Litre oil tank (increased from 80ltrs)
  • Safety breakback to protect the armset on contact with an obstacle.
  • Arm suspension for smoother operation and armset protection
  • Lift and angle float
  • Greaseless bushes for reduced maintenance
  • Improved hose routing for enhanced protection
  • Road lighting kit
  • Optional debris blower
  • Additional hydraulic service

The PA4830 will be controlled by the new Mini Motion joystick controller. Created especially for McConnel’s compact Power Arm range, the new system features a progressive thumb-stick controller with two easy-access hat switches providing proportional control of up to five different services.

Designed to deliver the best in precision and manoeuvrability, Mini Motion features progressive controls which deliver faster movement the further the stick is pushed forward; four proportional services and dual direction rotor control (optional).

McConnel marketing manager Wayne Brown said the PA4830 offered new levels of manoeuvrability and refinement for compact Power Arm users and would set new standards for productivity and precision.

“The PA4830 offers longer reach, greater arm strength, and better visibility and comfort than any other compact machine and helps verge-mowing and hedge-cutting professionals to work harder, smarter, and faster than before.”