Rob's on top down under with McConnel machinery header image

Seeking a robust and reliable Power Arm for verge and highway maintenance, Robert James turned to McConnel.

As depot manager for Kyogle Council in New South Wales, Australia, Robert had experience with a number of different makes of reach arm mower – but only McConnel produced a machine which offered a consistently reliable performance and an attractive fine-cut finish.

Rob said: “In the past we have owned other brands of machines with not a lot of success due to breakdowns and a lack of parts and service support.

“We purchased a McConnel this time because of the positive experience we had in the past and the fact that we never had any significant issues and got great service from the machine.”

Seeking a professional-spec machine with exceptional durability, Robert chose a 5.6m PA5600 with a Midcut armset – ensuring enhanced comfort and visibility without sacrificing overall reach.

Robert said the team were also impressed with the smooth learning curve, intuitive controls and the overall productivity of the machine:

 “The PA5600 has been very effective because its productivity has cut our maintenance time considerably,” he said. “It’s easy to set-up and control and the operators really like it.”

Kyogle Council has also purchased a new McConnel Barrier Mower, a specialist mowing machine which enables grass maintenance teams to cut around guard rails and posts.

Featuring a high-position flex-arm and twin rotary cutting heads, the machine enables operators to cut quickly and safely around obstacles and armco barriers – protecting teams from the risks of hand strimming along the carriageway and preventing the need to cone off large sections of road.

Rob bought both Power Arms from McConnel’s Australian distribution partner International Mowers and says the strong support he has received from the team there makes McConnel  machines an obvious choice for any mowing professional.

He explained: “The service and parts departments are both outstanding in all respects.”

“Even though we are 2000km away from their dealership it has no impact on the speed of parts supplied. If we were to place an order before 2am it would be with us next day before 10am.”

So would Rob buy another McConnel machine?

“Definitely.” He said. “I would highly recommend McConnel machines to anyone thinking of buying one.”