New McConnel Sprayer Division header image

On 1st January 2018 Kellands Agricultural was integrated into McConnel forming the McConnel Sprayer Division.

The integration has enabled us to meet the growing demand for the newly branded McConnel Agribuggy and Multidrive products.

Sales and service operations are now based alongside our manufacturing team at Alamo Group Europe's headquarters at Salford Priors in Worcestershire.

These changes bring a host of immediate benefits for our customers, including :

  • Access to Agribuggy and Multidrive products through the McConnel UK and European dealer and distributor network
  • Local service and technical support to further improve customer service
  • Commitment of investment to a higher level of research & development to ensure a steady flow of new products

McConnel marketing manager Wayne Brown said: "Kellands Agricultural products are market-leading machines with proven reputations.
By offering the products through the established McConnel dealer network under the McConnel brand will enable us to quickly raise awareness of the productivity, comfort and safety benefits that these exciting products offer”.