Boost to 65-Series Hydraulic Power header image

Created to meet the needs of farmers, contractors, and local authorities, McConnel’s new 65-series Power Arms feature a heavy-duty design, powerful hydraulics, and a high-spec feature set.

Four models are available offering high-performance 70hp totally independent hydraulics and a choice of reach of 5.5m (18’ 1”), 6.0m (19’ 8”), 6.5m (21’ 4”) and 7.0m (23’).

Key features of the new machines include:

- A wide choice of high-performance cutting heads, including McConnel’s Supercut, MultiCut, and Omega flailheads – as well as TwinCut, the world’s first dual-rotor flailhead
- McConnel’s Easy Drive System (EDS) comes with REVOLUTION – delivering hands-free cruise control for verge-mowing – and an increase in working speeds from 4 km/h up to 18 km/h
- A heavy-duty cast iron pump and a reinforced steel gearbox
- A SoftStart rotor which reduces shock loading on start-up and increases the durability and lifespan of the machine
- And a wide range of working attachments including: Rotary Heads, Cutter Bars, Multi Saws, and a Ditch and Grip Cleaner.

The major benefits of the new series include:

Reach – The 65-series has been designed to hit the sweet spot when it comes to reach – fulfilling the needs of most users with a choice of four different models from 5.5m to 7.0m
Power – High-performance 70-hp hydraulics ensure the series has all the grunt to tackle everything from highway-verge mowing to hedge-cutting and vegetation clearance
Control – 65-series machines come with a choice of three advanced control systems. Motion, EVOLUTION and the state-of-the-art REVOLUTION system
Features – optional extras available to enhance performance, safety and efficiency include EDS, the new TwinCut Flailhead, and a range of different rotors, flails and cutting attachments
Mounting – A choice of three-point linkage and five-point axle mounting is available
Quality – McConnel Power Arms are precision-engineered at our Shropshire production facility and comply with the hallmark of British quality management, the ISO9002 benchmark
Durability – McConnel machines have a proud track record for reliability and are built to withstand the heavy workloads of contractors.

The machines have been designed to meet the needs of farmers and contractors and are compatible with tractors weighing 3,500kg and upwards with a minimum horsepower of 65hp.