McConnel 75 Series Power Arm - cool running header image

Among the features fitted to the heavy-duty 75 Series, is a radically new hydraulic oil tank. Unlike a conventional tank, the new design has a 400mm duct running through the centre of the tank through which cooling air is drawn. This unique ‘hole in the middle’ design delivers a number of benefits: 

  • Hydraulic oil is maintained at a safe working temperature, even when ambient temperatures exceed 350C
  • Both the oil cooler and fan are mounted within the frame for full protection
  • Clean cooling air is drawn in from the off-side of the machine
  • Tube increases the cooling surface area by 21%
  • Central core utilises internal tank baffles, eliminating ‘dead spots’ to fully exploit the tank’s 200 litre oil capacity
  • Cavitation, caused by air bubbles forming within the oil, is virtually eliminated due to very low oil flow velocity to the return chamber
  • Electrically driven cooling fan automatically operates to maintain a consistent oil temperature
  • Cooling fan operates an automatic reverse cycle to keep the radiator and intake screen clear of debris
  • Improved cooling efficiency reduces fan operation to cut noise, power consumption and wear and tear
  • Simplified hose runs from the tank to pump and valves improves service access and longevity
  • Lower temperature improves service life for seals and hoses