Bi-directional slope mower boosts output.    header image

Undertaking time consuming headland turns at the end of each mowing bout can be unproductive, awkward, and on steep slopes, potentially dangerous.  Furthermore, these repetitive turns can cause unnecessary surface disturbance and excessive track wear.

To overcome this problem and help boost productivity, McConnel has introduced the ROBOCUT RC28, a remote-control slope mower with bi-directional mowing capabilities.  By locating the 1.1m   rotary mulching deck directly beneath the 28hp Vanguard engine, the slope mower can efficiently mow in either direction.  

By eliminating the need for time consuming headland turns, operators can mow to the end of the row and then simply track back in the opposite direction to make the return pass.  To ensure intuitive control, the RC28 automatically reverses the directional input from the remote-control unit meaning right-joystick input always turns right, and left-joystick input always turns left, regardless of the machine’s direction of travel.

In addition to eliminating headland turns, McConnel’s RC28 design also brings several further advantages including a lower center of gravity and improved stability when working on slopes up to 55 degrees.  

With working speeds up to 7kmh and option to add GPS autosteer guidance, the bi-directional ROBOCUT RC28 is proving popular with professional grass maintenance teams requiring a simple to use, easy to transport, high output slope mowing solution.

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