McConnel has unveiled its latest generation of flex-wing rotary mowers which are cleaner and meaner than ever before. The new Tuffcut mowers now feature a flat-top deck design and heavier duty gearboxes that come with 7-year warranty as standard.

Two new models have been introduced, the Tuffcut 480 and Tuffcut 650, the Tuffcut 480 boasts a 4.6m cutting width, while the Tuffcut 650 offers a 6.2m cutting width.  Both models are designed for farmers, contractors and municipals that require fast and efficient mulching of large areas such as pastures, stubble management, airports and set-aside.

The flat-top deck brings numerous benefits. Firstly, it minimises the accumulation of debris, ensuring a clean and efficient operation. Additionally, the smooth deck design allows for quick and easy machine cleaning after work, significantly reducing the risk of cross contamination of unwanted seeds between jobs.

Both models are equipped with heavy-duty gearboxes that run cooler due to their oversized shafts and gears. Furthermore, lower seal protection minimises the risk of debris ingress. These enhancements enable McConnel to offer a 7-year gearbox warranty as standard.

Customers can choose from a range of blade configurations to suit requirements, including 3, 4, or 6 blades per rotor for enhanced mulching capabilities. Both Tuffcuts are capable of tackling material up to 100mm thick while delivering an even distribution of mulch across the full width of the machine.

Tuffcut mowers ensure a quality cut and even finish thanks to the contour-following wing movement and self-levelling decks. Additional features, such as antiscalp blade pans, deck protection rings, stump jumper skids, shock absorbing suspension, and heavy-duty slip clutch overrun protection, enhance the machines' durability and longevity.

The new Tuffcut 480 and Tuffcut 650 are ideal for farmers, contactors, municipals, and professional mowing teams seeking high-output and efficient mowing.  Both models have entered full production and are available now through McConnel's extensive dealer network.