McConnel Promote Alex Fastnedge to Sprayer Sales Specialist header image

McConnel is delighted to announce the promotion of Alex Fastnedge to the role of Sprayer Sales Specialist. With an extensive background in Agribuggy sprayers, Alex's journey from Field Service Engineer at Kellands Agricultural to McConnel Sprayer Service Manager has uniquely positioned him for success in his new role.

This change comes as John Davis, the former Sprayer Sales Manager, departs to pursue a new career. McConnel expresses gratitude to John for his dedication and wishes him success in his endeavors.

Alex Fastnedge has developed significant knowledge of Agribuggy’s during his two decades of working with the sprayers. Couple this with the relationships he has built within our customers base, will ensure a seamless transition. Alex has already hit the ground running in his new role and is proving essential as we gear up to launch an all-new Agribuggy.

"As 2024 unfolds, McConnel is preparing for a significant milestone with the unveiling of the all-new Agribuggy V300 at LAMMA 2024," Alex remarked. "The McConnel Agribuggy holds a distinctive niche in the market due to its low ground pressure and mechanical drivelines. The new model stays true to these principles while introducing a host of enhancements and benefits."

McConnel warmly welcomes Alex Fastnedge as he takes on this pivotal role. Customers are invited to meet Alex in person at LAMMA 2024, Hall 9, Stand 540, where he will be available to present the all-new Agribuggy V300 and address any questions you may have.