Steep Shropshire Slopes prove no match for ROBOPOWER header image

ROBOPOWER has passed one of its toughest tests after tackling slopes of up to 40 degrees while trimming gorse at the National Trust’s Carding Mill Valley site in Shropshire.

The innovative unmanned tractor performed successfully, cutting firebreaks in an area where the thick vegetation has always had to be hand-cut by a team of rangers and volunteers.

ROBOPOWER’s low-centre of gravity and high-grip tracks ensured a safe and productive performance, and helped protect a landscape that is one of only 46 sites in the UK which has been designated an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’.

ROBOPOWER was equipped with a heavy-duty 3.0m front-mounted flail mower, one of an almost limitless array of agricultural and industrial attachments which can be fitted to the machine’s front and rear three-point linkage.

McConnel demo manager Simon Pattrick said: “ROBOPOWER impressed everyone with its safe, fast cutting, and its exceptional all-terrain performance.”

For more information on ROBOPOWER, or to book a demonstration, please contact the McConnel sales team on 01584 873131