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McConnel has hit the headlines in Denmark after the influential LandbrugsAvisen publication put the spotlight on the company’s high-performance SR620 flex-wing rotary mower.

The Agricultural Newspaper provided extensive coverage of a demonstration organised by McConnel’s Danish distributor MI Group, which highlighted the machine’s impressive mulching capabilities.

The 6.2m machine was put through an exhaustive test in a field of 1.5m oil seed rape, impressing with its fast and effective cutting action.

MI Group’s McConnel product specialist Robert Vemmelund said: “The publication is one of the best known in Denmark and is very influential so the coverage will help us raise awareness of McConnel’s SR mowers and show off their effectiveness in a wide range of applications.”

McConnel’s range of high-performance delta wing rotary mowers has been designed to deliver peak performance over the ground with working widths from 4.2 to 8.2m, flexible wings, and powerful rotors.

Hardened updraft swinging blades ensure an effective cutting capacity of up to 50mm, while hydraulically folding hydraulic wings enable a fast and smooth transition from transport to working position.

Key features of the SR620 include:

• 6.2m working width
• High and low hitch options
• 115 degrees of wing movement (+90 degrees up, -25 degrees down)
• Powerful rotors
• Heavy-duty gearboxes
• Slip clutch protection
• Front and rear chain guards
• Hardened updraft swinging blades
• Cutting heights from 25mm to 400mm
• 50mm cutting capacity
• Choice of 10 or 30 blades
• 5,340m per minute blade speed
• Optional walking axles

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