Phil Pitt remembered header image

McConnel colleagues have been celebrating the life of late colleague Phil Pitt with the unveiling of two memorial benches outside the company’s Ludlow production facility.

Phil’s wife Tracy and daughter Fiona said they were deeply touched by the efforts of colleagues to create a lasting memorial for him.

Tracy said: “Phil loved his job at McConnel and was very close to everyone who worked at the factory. The benches are a lovely touch, and I’d like to offer my thanks to everyone involved in making them. You have done him proud.”

The idea of the lasting memorial to Phil came from his friend and colleague high definition plasma operator Nick Lewis, who said: “It’s a great way to remember Phil and to celebrate his life.”

Created in-house by the production team, the benches are made from steel and are in McConnel colours.

Phil, a paint sprayer, worked for the company for close to 25 years. He passed away in 2012.