Training days boost service teams' skillset header image

McConnel has been supporting dealers and distributors from all over the UK and Europe with a series of specialist training seminars to boost technical knowledge and service expertise.

More than 70 technicians are set for training throughout March and April, learning about the latest developments in Power Arm technology, and getting hands-on experience with new products and features.

Riverlea foreman and service technician Jamie Evans enjoyed the experience saying the support he received would help him and his colleagues deliver a better service to customers.

He said: “I found the refresher training very useful and it was interesting to see the new technology that has been developed over the past couple of years. The support McConnel’s service team has given us has been valuable and I’d recommend the course to others.”

McConnel Service Manager Alex Perry said: “McConnel is constantly enhancing the technology and sophistication of its products and the on-going training helps keep our dealers up to date with all the latest developments and enhances the skills and knowledge of their Service teams.”

For more information on the training programmes, please contact Alex via email at: