Alan says a fond farewell after 43 years header image

McConnel’s Alan Underhill has said goodbye to the business after a career spanning five decades.

Alan joined McConnel back in 1972 and started work on such iconic machines as the PA44 and the sawbench.

He said he felt a strong sense of pride in helping create the Power Arms that are famous all over the world and estimated he worked on around 250,000 McConnel machines during his 43 years at the factory.

He said: “I have really enjoyed working at McConnel and I reckon I have helped build around a quarter of a million different machines during my 43 years here. I leave with a great sense of pride in what we have achieved here.”

McConnel production controller Phil Barber said Alan had always been a committed and dedicated colleague and would be missed by everyone.

A keen musician and former band member, Alan is looking forward to dusting down his instruments and hitting the high notes again!