ROBOCUT delivers a tool for (almost) every occasion header image

From Snow Blowers to Stump Grinders, Forestry Mulchers to Loaders - McConnel now offers a wide range of remote control attachments that enables operators to tackle almost any workplace challenge.

The comprehensive choice of attachments transforms ROBOCUT from a high-performance slope mower into an all-terrain work platform with unrivalled functionality.

Easy to fit and operate, the attachments take full advantage of ROBOCUT's proven remote control capabilities, allowing safe working up to 150m away from dangerous or restricted-access zones.

17 different machines are now available covering specialist tasks in diverse sectors.

The full line-up includes:

Green Maintenance

  • 1.3m flailhead
  • SD Cutterbar
  • HD Cutterbar
  • 1.5m Rotary Deck
  • Wood Chipper
  • Stump Grinder
  • Grass Rake


  • Mulching Flailhead  (Swinging hammer flails)
  • Forestry Flailhead  (Fixed tooth)


  • Loader (Loader jib and bucket)
  • High-tip bucket

Snow Clearance

  • Snow Blower
  • Universal Blade


  • Pallet Fork
  • Air Blast Sprayer
  • Trencher
  • Power Brush