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Canadian verge mowing professionals have been able to take a fresh look at green maintenance technology after national distributor Holder showcased McConnel’s latest machinery at a special hands-on open day in Embrun, Ontario.

Traditionally, many North American operators have opted for fixed mid-mount machines. However, by showcasing the latest breakthroughs in VFR technology and rear mounting, McConnel’s export manager Edward Hall was able to show customers how Power Arms offer exceptional visibility, while enhancing stability, precision and flexibility.

Edward said: “The Open Day was very successful because it highlighted a new way of working that customers could see was more effective and practical.

“McConnel machines are lighter, more manoeuvrable, and more technically advanced than the mid-mounted machines popular in the Canadian market - but they also allow customers to detach their machine in around 10 minutes. This frees up the tractor for other jobs and ensures greater productivity.”

Edward and McConnel service manager Alex Perry also supported Holder’s team with in-depth product and service training on the latest features and machines.

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