Challenging highway mowing is no barrier to McConnel customers header image

Fast, productive and safe.

That’s the rating Anglesey verge mowing contractor Alun Lewis has given to his new McConnel Barrier Mower.

Alun’s company, A E & A T Lewis Ltd, carries out sub-contracting work on the island using the latest McConnel machinery to tackle vegetation along major highways such as the busy A55.

His team has just used the machine to tackle more than 140 miles of carriageway, and he believes the Barrier Mower is an essential tool for safe highway verge maintenance - increasing working speeds, and leaving behind a tidy and attractive finish.

Alun said: “The machine has been a great success for us. It delivers a very good cut and enables us to halve the number of people who are needed for secondary strimming inside the lane closure area – reducing the risk to our employees.”

 “The Barrier Mower is spot-on for what we need.”

Designed for cutting around roadside obstacles and guard rails, the machine’s multi-position alignments and mounting options combine with a high-speed blade cutting system to ensure a fast and effective performance.

Featuring a high-position flex-arm and twin rotary cutting heads, the machine enables operators to cut quickly and safely around obstacles and armco barriers.

Each rotary head features a heavy-duty rubber turntable on the outside rim which grips an obstacle and enables the heads to part automatically without the risk of damage to the machine - leaving behind a fine-cut finish.

Key features include:

  • Maximum working reach of 2.3m (to the centre of the barrier)
  • Three point linkage mounting
  • Front and rear mounting
  • 1,000 rpm PTO
  • High-capacity 170-litre oil tank
  • 180-degree adjustable dipper arm
  • Two cutting heads
  • Left and right-hand cutting