McConnel unveils multiple modules for new SEEDAERATOR drill header image

McConnel has been showcasing the multiple configurations of its new low-disturbance SEEDAERATOR drill at the Cereals and Royal Highland Shows

Designed to enable more farmers and contractors to adopt a one-pass crop establishment system, the SEEDAERATOR can now be configured to suit a wide range of crop types and drilling methods.

Available post-purchase, the innovative new modules can be interchanged quickly and easily, allowing the drill to be tailored to meet specific requirements, or modified to suit different crops, changing seasons and variable weather conditions.

Five different modules are currently available, including:

Front Disc Module

Attaching to the three-point linkage, the nine-disc module can be fitted or removed quickly and easily. Designed to slice through trash and cover crops, the discs minimise soil disturbance and ensure an even trash-flow.

Twin Tank

Mounting behind the seed hopper, Twin Tank is a lightweight dual-product module that can be added to place micro-fertiliser or slug pullets with seed. The unit can also be used for companion planting of fine seeds.The metering unit operates in conjunction with the standard SEEDAERATOR drill groundspeed radar but with its own in-cab control. This enables the unit to be easily retro-fitted to existing drills.

Band Sowing Module

Sows nine 150mm rows, and can be specified with Standard, Dual Product or Narrow coulters. Self-cleaning press wheels can be adjusted to deliver consolidation from 40-140kg and ensure good seed to soil contact.

Disc Drilling Module

An 18-row direct Disc Drilling Module where each disc sows in a narrow 25mm band with 210mm press wheels delivering consolidation. These are adjustable to offer consolidation between 40-160kg per coulter.

Rear Tool Bar

This module can be supplied with one or two rows of tines or batter boards to create a uniform and even finish. Raising the rear harrow out of work leaves a clean trash-free area above the seed bands with any crop residue remaining on the undisturbed strips of soil between rows.

Leg and coulter options

To further boost versatility, the cultivating front section of the SEEDAERATOR can be fitted with a choice of Standard Wing, Low Disturbance and Wing Seeder legs.

Three coulter choices are also available: The Standard Coulter creates a 150mm wide band and is suitable for most conditions. It is designed so that soil throw is minimised to ensure excellent seed-to-soil contact. The Dual Product Coulter enables seed and fertiliser to be placed at the same time, while a narrow 60mm Coulter is offered for drilling peas, OSR or beans at depths down to 150mm.

The wide range of customisation choices ensures that SEEDAERATOR offers unrivalled versatility and is effective as either a low-disturbance or direct drill.

McConnel marketing manager Wayne Brown said: “With its unique modular construction, the SEEDAERATOR can be easily configured to suit a vast range of soils and changing conditions.

“This inbuilt versatility allows the full benefits of single-pass drilling directly into previous crop residues to be reaped in a wide variety of conditions so that regardless of the season the SEEDAERATOR can save customers time, money and fuel.”