McConnel launches exciting new 80hp ROBOMAX  header image

McConnel has unveiled its innovative new remote control tool carrier ROBOMAX.

Designed for working in hazardous, hard-to-reach, and restricted-access sites, ROBOMAX features a high-performance 80hp turbo diesel engine, a unique low-centre of gravity design for enhanced stability, and easy to master controls with a 150m working range.

A larger and more powerful evolution of McConnel’s worldwide best-seller ROBOCUT, ROBOMAX delivers the kind of grunt normally reserved for mid-range tractors, and an all-terrain performance that enables operators to work safely on everything from steep-sided slopes up to 55 degrees to water courses and industrial sites.

Power and Durability

Featuring a high-performance 80hp Yanmar turbo diesel engine, ROBOMAX delivers twice the power of ROBOCUT and has been created for specialists and contractors who are seeking the best in cutting power and machine performance.

Responsive remote control

ROBOMAX’s 150m working range enables operators to work safely outside ‘danger zones’. The machine also comes with an automatic shutdown mechanism for enhanced safety if the machine moves out of range.

Controls are intuitive and easy to master, with precise proportional control delivered by two fingertip joysticks which control direction, working speed and flailhead height. They offer progressive speed control for smooth manoeuvring – the further forward the stick is moved, the faster the speed of the machine.

Safe and reliable all-terrain performance

ROBOMAX is built around a low-centre-of-gravity design which makes it ideal for tackling steep-sided environments. Every single component is specially positioned to ensure the machine delivers the best in stability.

 Key advantages include:

  • Tackle slopes up to 55 degrees
  • The unit’s skid-steer capability delivers the best in manoeuvrability and its tight turning circles allow precise control in confined areas
  • Built-in steering bias to the left and the right compensates for bank angles and allows precise straight-ahead carriage.
  • Cleated rubber tracks provide extra grip. A self-tightening system ensures consistent reliability and prevents excessive wear and tear

Feature-packed specification

ROBOMAX comes with a suite of advanced features to boost safety, efficiency and performance, including:

  • A quick-clear fan which ejects vegetation debris from the radiator matrix in seconds
  • Low-maintenance technology – including automatic self-tightening of the tracks and easy access to key components
  • High and low ratios to speed up transport to and from working areas.
  • And working seeds of up to 7 km/h

McConnel general manager Christian Davies said: “ROBOMAX is one of the safest, toughest and most productive remote control work platforms anywhere in the world.

 “The machine builds on proven ROBO technology and is ideal for anyone looking for a compact yet powerful 80hp unit.”