Agribuggy Performing Well In South East France header image

A farming contractor from South East France is using two Agribuggy A280 machines to spray and spread over 5000ha per a year.

Mr. Larue recently acquired two McConnel A280 machines through French distributor Payen Import and states that there isn’t a comparable machine to be found on today’s market.

Mr. Larue praised the Agribuggy for lightness (4.9t empty), increased traction, low ground pressure, speed (20km/h) and all round lower cost of ownership.

“The economic aspect is obvious stated Mr. Larue, thanks to its mechanical drive, extremely low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs (labor, fluids etc.) when compared to using a conventional tractor and sprayer, or larger self-propelled.

The Agribuggy is now fully approved (UTAC) for France so this brings further piece of mind”.